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Is Your Workplace Facing These Challenges?

  • Is your company or firm tired of searching for files? Do you find your office closet or mini-storage unit is exploding with boxes? Business Records can help!
  • Do your computer back ups go home with you at night and hide in a drawer? Or is your data rotation looking for a secure home? Business Records can protect your computer media!
  • Is your medical office or hospital in need of a reliable records management solution? Business Records specializes in medical record management!
  • In the event of a potential disaster, would your company information be safe? Business Records can eliminate your risks!

More About Us...

Business Records offers storage, protection, and secure management of your off-site records and data. Since, 1994 we have serviced the Huntsville, Alabama metro area: including: Decatur, Athens, and Florence. Locally owned and operated we provide information storage and management for large, mid-size, and small businesses in the heart of the Tennessee Valley.

Our original management team continues to be an active part of the day-to-day operations with a strong focus on customer service. The Business Records' facilities are only minutes from the Huntsville central business district.

Who Can Benefit from Business Records?

Business Records is a secure solution for all industries including: healthcare, engineering, high-tech, legal, accounting, manufacturing, banking, architecture, general business, non-profit, education, retail, and government.

Business Records can Help Your Company Achieve:

  • A reduction in office overhead
  • Allow employees more time to focus on their core jobs
  • Eliminate on-site information liability
  • Free up valuable working space
  • Increase security and overall protection of your important information
  • Find your information when you need it!

We are not a Mini-Storage Unit or a Moving Company, but a professional service with years of experience, offering proven solutions to your ever-growing record storage, management or data storage and management needs.

Business Records Offers:

  • Client Flexibility
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 100% Confidentiality and the Highest Security
  • Delivery to Your Door Twice A Day
  • 24-Hour Emergency Delivery 365 Days a Year
  • Economical Rates

Records Storage & Management

Secure State of the Art Records Center

A Variety of Delivery Options Including: Same Day, Next Day and Emergency

Barcode and Inventory Tracking

Open Shelving Storage

X-ray Climate Controlled Storage

Document Destruction

Purge and File Re-location

File Indexing

Storage Boxes Available

HIPPA Compliant

Data Storage & Management

Secure State of the Art Vault

A Variety of Delivery Options Including: Same Day, Next Day and Emergency

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Rotations

Archive and Short-Term Storage

Inventory Tracking

Would You like to learn more?

Please continue to visit our website to learn more or contact Business Records for a no obligation consultation at (256) 539-0200. You can also email us at info@bizrecords.com.

Discover Why Companies are Thrilled with Business Records' Results!

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